Tahoe’s ‘Boys of Summer’

July 28, 2017The News
They came from near and far to help build Tahoe City into regional fast pitch softball hotbed They came from the San Fernando Valley, the Bay Area and the beaches of Santa Barabara. Many were ex-collegiate level athletes that mostly came to Lake Tahoe to swing hammers in the summer months to help with the [...]

Softball Mecca Celebrating 40th Anniversary

June 28, 2016The News
If you played men’s or women’s softball – either fast pitch or slow pitch - in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s, and you played a tournament in Tahoe City, there’s a good chance you visited Pete 'n Peters, the sports bar and restaurant that for the past four decades has been the softball mecca of [...]

Pete ‘n Peters Remembers 25th Anniversary

September 16, 2014The News
It's hard to believe that it has been 13 years since we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in June of 2001. Lot's of things have change since then, but we're still Tahoe City's original sports bar.

Pete ‘n Peters and Za’s Partnership Thrives on Philanthropy

August 15, 2014The News
David “Johnny B” Rutter and Jonny Roscher, partners in Pete ‘n Peters and Za’s, believe in philanthropy. They feel a community is strongest when businesses and nonprofits team up to solve key community issues. In May, Pete ‘n Peters and Za’s hosted the 2nd Annual Cardiac Cook-Off, a fried chicken battle between Chef Jonny Roscher and [...]